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Drogheda Dentures, Bettystown. Denture Design Practice is a unique cosmetic and restorative dental facility. A comprehensive knowledge of all the relevant technical fields is integrated into a facility which has been designed with the objective of providing advanced removeable prosthetics and gold and porcelain crown and bridge restorations.

We specialise in :

  • Custom-made full and partial prosthetics.
  • Cobalt chrome prosthetics
  • Gold and porcelain crown and bridge restorations
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Sportsguards and occlusal bruxism splints

Innovation, material science research and technological development enable us to provide enhanced and refined restorations with ultimate fit, strength and aesthetics. We take a closer look at the fundamental laws, the technique details and the materials. By examining the aspects we can then provide very high quality restorations consistently.

Free Consultation.

  • We do not charge a fee for the initial consultation. You can visit to ask questions and find out more.
  • Work directly with the technician who will design and set the teeth exactly how you wish so that you can play an integral part in the construction.
  • Extensive range of amazingly natural teeth available.
  • Highly specialised measuring and manufacturing techniques for the best fit and function possible.
  • Unique three phase resin processing technique for maxillary (upper) prosthetics to achieve ultimate vacuum type adhesion.

We can shape and contour the prosthetics to give adequate height and facial support to provide what has been labelled “A Dental Facelift” by many dental professionals. Lip lines and wrinkles, sagging mouths and sunken smiles can all be significantly reduced with carefully constructed prosthetics providing individually tailored support to key facial areas.

The dental arch impressions are made with a putty and wash material. The putty material is adapted and added to in various stages to reproduce all of the peripheral borders and extensions. The wash material is then applied and this will reproduce the fine surface detail. The model material is mixed under vacuum and poured into the impressions immediately to avoid any shrinkage distoration occurring.

Linear polmerization shrinkage occurs in maxillary prosthetics when conventional one stage processing techniques are utilized. The polmerization curing shrinkage in a maxillary denture is often evidenced by a discrepancy in the palate region. Presumably, during cooling, the resin shrinks towards the areas of greatest bulk, which in this case are the ridge portions of the upper denture base. Such a shrinkage causes a tensile stress to occur in the thinner palate region.

We have developed a three phase technique to process the maxillary base resin and this eliminates any such polmerization shrinkage. The maxillary base resin will consequently adapt perfectly to all regions of the palate, including the distal post-dam seal region, resulting in ultimate vacuum type adhesion

Drogheda Dentures – Bettystown Dentures – Drogheda Dental – Bettystown Dental

Our address

90 Northlands, Bettystown, Co. Meath
53.7006636, -6.250577900000053

Opening Hours

9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00 - 17:00

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